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Why We Win

This is the mantra that we adopted that alludes to our ongoing goals for our clients.  We approach client business based on what's best for their business and keeping business moving forward.  In some instances, it means going the distance through the court system, but we work to resolve issues between businesses before a brief is ever written.  Learn more about what makes us different below.

// We are trial lawyers.

We know from experience that success in litigation begins with a well-planned and efficient case strategy that focuses on what truly matters – the result.

We do not focus on the billable hour.  We work smarter.  And we know, from experience, what evidence and legal arguments should be advanced to win our clients’ cases.

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We do not advance our clients’ cases by starting meaningless disputes with our adversaries.  We target discovery and motions on what matters to advance your goals.  We also seek solutions outside of the legal system to resolve disputes and allow business to get back to doing what they do best.

This approach creates the highest chance of success, as quickly as possible. 


We built a new, innovative platform to pursue our clients’ interests in an aggressive and efficient manner. Our lawyers are experienced, talented, and motivated. We are happy to match our qualifications against all others.  

Let us know how we can put our approach to work for you.

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