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H. Minor Pipes, III Installed as the 81st President of the Louisiana State Bar Association

H. Minor Pipes, III, a founding member of Pipes Miles Beckman, LLC, was installed June 10 as the 81st president of the Louisiana State Bar Association during the LSBA’s Annual meeting in Destin, Florida. As a fifth-generation Louisiana lawyer, Minor also has served as the 2015-2016 president of the Louisiana Bar Foundation making him one of five individuals who has served as president of both the LSBA and the Louisiana Bar Foundation.

Minor has been a longtime active member in the Bar serving as the LSBA president-elect in 2020-21 and the LSBA treasurer in 2016-2018, representing the First District on the Board of Governors, and serving in the House of Delegates. He has co-chaired the LSBA’s Summer School for Lawyers and participated in that program as a speaker. In 2009, he received the LSBA’s President’s Award.

Click the image above or here for Minor’s One on One Interview discussing the legal profession in the “New Frontier.”


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