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Louisiana Legislature Introduces COVID Business Interruption Bills

Louisiana Legislature Introduces Two Bills Requiring Business Interruption Coverage for Loss Resulting from Coronavirus.

Louisiana has joined other states[1] in proposing legislation that would require insurers to cover business interruption claims in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  Louisiana House Bill 858 was introduced on Tuesday.  The proposed legislation would require insurers who insure for loss or damage to property, including loss of use and occupancy and business interruption, to include as a covered peril coverage for business interruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The extent of coverage is limited to the duration of the declared public health emergency and applies to policies issued to insureds with less than one hundred full-time employees.  Policy limits are specifically not impacted. 

A companion bill also was introduced Tuesday in the Louisiana Senate, SB 477, with an additional requirement that all business interruption insurance policies issued after August 1, 2020 must include a notice of exclusions on a form prescribed by the insurance commissioner provided by the insurer to its named insured for signature.  This bill does not limit its application to insureds with less than one hundred full-time employees. 

The Louisiana Legislature currently is in recess and is scheduled to adjourn no later than June 1, 2020. 

  1. Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and New Jersey.


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