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PMB Lawyers Teaching in Tulane Law School’s Nationally Recognized Experiential Learning Program

Three of PMB’s lawyers are participating as faculty in Tulane University Law School’s Civil Litigation Intersession program this week. Chris Teske, one of our partners, is a founding co-director of the program who helped develop the “Boot Camp” curriculum when it started eleven years ago. Kristin Beckman and Rachel Kellogg are both participating as faculty in the three day program.

The Civil Litigation program teaches law students important skills in the development of a case and preparation for a civil trial. Students learn how to interview a new client, prepare that client for deposition, take and defend the depositions of fact and expert witnesses, and argue pre-trial motions by doing simulated versions of all of those activities. Each year Chris and the team at Tulane’s Experiential Learning Program recruit a group of highly experienced trial lawyers from around the United Stated to participate in the program and help second and third year law students learn their craft.

This year, the program takes on an added level of realism because, due to COVID-19 concerns, the Law School has converted it into a virtual program. In addition to learning deposition and interviewing skills, the students will get the added benefit of learning to handle exhibits and take depositions in the virtual environment using Zoom and a variety of other tools available to practicing lawyers.


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